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Discover what goes on behind the scenes to keep the Garden a beautiful oasis all year.


Atlanta Blooms!

A lot goes into planning a massive exhibition like Atlanta Blooms! The gorgeous bulb displays seen in the spring are the result of an entire year of planning and planting.

Color schemes are designed at least a year ahead of time for both annual tulip beds and additions to perennial beds. Cultivar selections and quantities must be determined by June to place the bulb order. Then, planting schedules are planned in August and September. The number of bulb shipments is based on how many bulbs are going to planted in a given season. Since pansies are planted on top of tulips, the planning also includes winter annuals.

When the bulbs arrive in crates, they are inventoried and placed into a cooler from back to front - leaving the first to be planted in the front. Some bulbs are kept in the cooler for almost the entire winter. The refrigeration mimics the cooler outdoor temperature allowing them to be planted late and still have successful blooms. 

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